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      Brush solutions for all industries

      Strip, slat and flat brushes are versatile and effective in many industries to optimise production. Slat and wheel brushes are mainly used for transporting, cleaning or guiding fragile objects, while strip brushes are used for sealing and insulation. The quick and easy assembly and disassembly of these products allows for easy replacement when worn. Thanks to our manufacturing and development power, we are fortunate to be able to offer a wide and varied range of products that allow for a high degree of adaptability. Whether it is strip, slat or flat brushes, we offer several lengths, strengths and fibre types. The same applies to the brush holders.

      KOTI always strives for optimal use of its brushes. That is why we offer quality brushes with a flexible manufacturing process that can be adapted to any kind of activity.

      Characteristics and composition of the strips

      Strip brushes are very versatile and easy to use. Flexible and durable, the strip brush is used a lot for sealing. Indeed, one of its main functions is to block pests, draughts, etc. and to protect against dirt. It is also used to insulate, mask or clean. The best known brushes in this category are our door socks. Thanks to our diverse and varied range of strips, we also offer strips designed for guiding and braking. The strip brush consists of a fibre inserted into a profile. We offer a wide range of strips from 1 to 3 metres in length with different fibre heights.

      The standard material used for the profile is aluminium. The fibres can be synthetic, metallic, natural (animal) or special (nylon, carbon…).

      Insonorisation applications brosses - KOTI
      Strip used on a machine for sealing
      Industrial and technical strip brush – KOTI

      Characteristics and composition of the flat brush

      The flat brush is, as the name suggests, a brush mounted on a flat support and on which fibres are inserted. These fibres can be abrasive, natural, synthetic, metallic or mixed. These fibre variants allow a great adaptability to all kinds of activities. Flat brushes have a high load capacity and are used for transporting objects over a long distance, guiding products or for cleaning. A brush has a carrying capacity of 500 to 2000 kg/m2. They are therefore suitable for the transport of heavy and/or delicate products. As with all other brushes, assembly and disassembly is easy. Indeed, when a brush is worn out, you just have to unscrew it to replace it.

      The standard backing for the flat brush is glass-filled polyamide. It has the same characteristics as polyamide, but offers better rigidity and heat resistance.

      Characteristics and composition of the slat brush

      The slat brush is a narrow, flat brush that is particularly suitable for limited spaces and for guiding fragile objects. As with all brushes, slat brushes consist of a backing with inserted fibres. The most common shapes offered by KOTI are rectangular, square or profiled. We also offer different brush sizes and a variety of fillings and densities. The assembly and disassembly of the slat brush is very simple. It can be fixed with screws, double-sided adhesive or a crimp. We also offer a special brush designed on a C-profile that allows for quick and easy brush replacement. This is very useful for applications where there is a lot of wear.

      The standard materials used for the manufacture of the lath brushes are Polyethylene and PVC. For the fibres, we offer all kinds, but the most commonly used are those made of polyamide.

      Brosses latte industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Flat brushes
      Brosses plaque industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Brosses lattes industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Slat brushes for transport
      Brosses lattes industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Slat brushes for guidance

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