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      Brush solutions for all industries

      Tool brushes are real working tools. Indeed, they are designed to fit all industrial machines as well as portable tools such as drills, grinders, robots… They are therefore very handy. Tool brushes are widely used in industry for dusting, rust removal, descaling, deburring, cleaning, smoothing, polishing, sanding and many other purposes. Because of the wide range and the possibility of customisation and modifications, tool brushes are made to suit your activities.

      Produits notre gamme brosses - KOTI

      De nombreux avantages

      Tool brushes have many advantages. The brushes are designed to be attached to a robot or hand tool and are made to be easy to use and manageable.

      Due to the wide range of products and the high degree of customisation, the characteristics of the tool brushes are manifold. Indeed, the uniqueness of these brushes means that all the brushes manufactured have different characteristics even if they are similar. However, we still have a varied catalogue of standard products. In addition, it is worth noting that all of the brushes presented in our catalogues can be adjusted to your needs. These adjustments may concern the type of fibres chosen, whether you want them to be abrasive or not, the size and type of body materials…

      These characteristics make the tool brush a practical and easy to use instrument. Indeed, because of its small size and its ability to be attached to a machine or portable tool, the tool brush becomes a major asset in your industrial activities requiring a certain finish.

      Brosses coupes pour outils - KOTI
      Interior brush work tool - KOTI
      Brosses coupes pour outils - KOTI

      A different composition according to your needs

      The composition of the tool brushes is different depending on the use you want to make of them. We have a wide range of fibres, from natural to metal. Each fibre is adapted for a particular use. We do not use the same fibres for all industrial activities. For example, we will not use the same fibres for a cleaning brush as for a polishing or sanding brush.

      brosses en plumes d’autruches
      Ostrich feather tool brush
      Brosses à simple rang brosses pour outils - KOTI
      Brush for metal fibre tools

      As said before, we offer various brush compositions with different sizes, fibre lengths, fibre thicknesses… This composition depends on the activity for which the brush is intended. For example, we have the possibility to add rows of fibres to create a larger brushing surface.

      We also manufacture a range of circular brushes on rods. These are ideal for processing small areas and are used for high precision applications. As with other tool brushes, they can be fitted to electric drills and pneumatic devices. This ease of use allows a multitude of brushes to be used on the same workpiece. When the brush is worn out, simply remove it and recommend a replacement.

      Brosses pour outils - KOTI
      Circular brushes
      Brosse Alphahon pour outils - KOTI
      Alphahon brushes

      The purchase of this type of brush can also save money. Abrasive brushes do the same job as sanding. However, since they have an excellent lifespan and are less expensive than sanding, they can be a very good solution.

      In short, we have different kinds of fibres for different industrial activities. We have 5 types: abrasive, natural, synthetic, metallic and mixed.

      All our brushes can be modified in terms of diameter, density and fibre type.

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