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      Brushes for all industries

      Industrial and technical brushes are brushes that are used in production plants. They are often custom-made according to specific needs. Indeed, each production requires a particular brush for a particular task. At KOTI, we believe that “tailor-made” does not only mean producing brushes for a particular need, but also developing customised and individual brushes. Due to the large variety of semi-manufactured parts, we are able to produce almost every brush to your specific measurements thanks to our machinery, our excellent materials and our professionals. These brushes are often cylindrical or circular in shape and are used for deburring, derusting, smoothing, polishing, sanding, stripping, cleaning and much more.

      Brosse disque estampée brosses industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Support de brosse en aluminium d’aéroport - KOTI
      Lavage applications brosses - KOTI

      A multitude of features

      Due to the wide range of products and the high degree of customisation, the characteristics of technical and industrial brushes are numerous. Indeed, the uniqueness of these brushes means that all the brushes manufactured have different characteristics even if they are similar. However, we still have a varied catalogue of standard products. In addition, it is worth noting that all of the brushes presented in our catalogues can be adjusted to your needs. These adjustments can concern the type of fibres chosen, whether you want them to be abrasive or not, the size and type of body materials…

      As illustrated in the pictures above, industrial and technical brushes are designed for various activities. Indeed, some are made for snow removal on airport runways, others are used to clean foodstuffs, and others are made to polish and deburr. This shows our ability to make all kinds of brushes for all kinds of activities. Ready to use, they are attached directly to a machine.

      The advantage of a brush is that it can be easily replaced when it is worn out. Simply order a new one and reattach it to your machine. These features make the brush a practical and easy to use tool.

      Brosse disque estampée brosses industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Photo 1
      Brosse disque fondu brosses industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Photo 2
      Brosse disque estampée brosses industrielles et techniques - KOTI
      Photo 3
      Brosses Industrielles et Techniques - KOTI
      Brosses en 2 demi-coquilles industrielles et techniques - KOTI

      A different composition according to your needs

      The composition of technical and industrial brushes differs according to the use you want to make of them. Indeed, there is a wide range of fibres that are adapted to each use. For example, we will not use the same fibres for a brush intended for cleaning as for a brush intended for polishing or sanding.

      The pictures on the right show some of the fibres we have. On picture 1, they are synthetic fibres intended for washing or guiding.

      Photo 2 shows a disc brush with metal fibres. This brush will be used for polishing or sanding.

      The purchase of this type of brush can also save money. Indeed, abrasive brushes do the same work as sanding. However, as they have an excellent life span and are less expensive than sanding, they can be a very good solution.

      Finally, photo 3 shows different types of circular brushes with different types of fibres (abrasive, metal, synthetic). This illustrates the various options of use that we can have with industrial and technical brushes.

      To sum up, we have different kinds of fibres for different kinds of activities. We have 5 types: abrasive, natural, synthetic, metal and mixed.

      In addition, the brushes can be made entirely to your requirements. The diameters of the brushes can be modified or made to measure. Finally, the density and type of fibres can also be discussed.

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